Tier4 VIP Events are not “status quo”

The idea for these events is to do something completely different.  We’re not doing the typical, boring ‘top golf event’ or anything like that.  Nobody wants that stuff.  Our events are awesome, ‘Bucket List’ type of activities that allow everyone to get out of the office, have fun and network while doing something completely memorable!

Jake Sherrill

CEO and Founder, Tier4

Event Descriptions


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Porsche Driving Experience





Driving a Porsche could be life changing in itself, but after you experience the Porsche Driving Experience with Tier4, you may end up buying one that weekend!!  Trust us, it’s happened before!  This experience and event is all about letting the IT professionals unwind and be themselves and have a great time.  We have brief presentations from our sponsors during lunch in the beginning but we are literally on the track for 4 hours of non-stop driving!  We are able to drive just about every line of Porsche that they make and be able to take them to their limits and really feel what they were made for.  From driving around the track and taking corners at top speeds, to launch control taking the car from 0-60 as fast as you can, to off-roading in the amazing Cayenne.  There isn’t a better way to relax, have fun and network with some of the top IT executives around.  If you don’t believe us, check out our last event!

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Rusty Wallace Driving Experience


We provide lunch and have each of the sponsors give a 5-10 min presentation to tell about themselves and give a brief overview of who they are and what they do. Then it’s off to driving the track for 4 hours.  We will drive exotic vehicles including the Ferrari Italia 458, Lamborghini Gallardo and the GTR Skyline.  We will also participate in a Stunt School, driving a mini cooper type car learning things like, Parallel Drift Parking, Reverse 180, Slalom 180 Course, Horseshoe Course, Figure 8 Course, or Doughnut Drifting.  This event would only be better if we could send you home with one of these cars!  

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Guided Fishing Tour



We will gather at West Point Lake in the morning and have a quick breakfast with the 5-10 min presentations given by each sponsor.  Then it’s off to fishing.  This tour is guided by a professional fishing guide which will furnish all the equipment, sandwiches and drinks.  All fishing is done with live bait and the guide will get everything ready and all you will have to do is reel them in.  After the fishing is done, we will provide a small lunch, possible fish-fry, and you can network and talk until everyone is ready to go.  

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Pheasant Hunt


We will gather at Beaver Pond Farm in the morning for breakfast and networking.  We will then have 5-10 minute presentations from all sponsors before going to shoot.  We will then warm-up at the skeet range and then off to the field for our continental pheasant hunt.  We provide 350 birds that they will release for shooters around 22 different stations.  We rotate through each station until all 350 birds have been released.  Then we come back from lunch and networking until everyone is ready to leave.  Everyone goes home with pheasant meat that has just been shot.  What a great way to start the weekend and have a meal planned for that BBQ you are hosting!

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