About Tier4

We are your connection to IT Procurement.

Tier4 Advisors | Global IT Procurement Solutions

What We Do

Tier4 has changed the way IT professionals procure IT services by optimizing the procurement cycle with expedited timelines and assistance throughout every step of the project, including price negotiation and service level agreements (SLA) from industry leading vendors.

In a nutshell, we take on all the pain and our clients get all the gain.

How We Do It

Tier4 has created a proprietary global network of over 700 + partners and service providers in the data center (Colo/cloud), telecom (connectivity/calling), managed services (MSP), and IT security spaces. Our services are free to clients, and are used by companies ranging from tech startups to global Fortune 20 enterprises for normal and mission critical procurement projects. Tier4 has played a critical role in hundreds of IT procurement projects since its founding, and has dozens of “brand name” reference-able clients.