Anthony Maiello – President Southwest Region (USA)

Anthony is obsessed with building things and even more obsessed with creating and building things better. He has been in the “creating and building” business really since he was a toddler when he first took apart and redesigned a better version of his grandfather’s mechanical “grandfather clock”. After graduating Manhattan College with a Computer Science Engineering and Mathematics degree, Anthony has been actively involved in the technology community for the last 32 years developing expertise in leadership, electrical, mechanical, systems, infrastructure, and software engineering. Anthony held hands on engineering, CIO, CTO and other senior level positions at global and prestigious organizations – General Electric, Honeywell, Computer Associates, Reuters, General Dynamics, Sterling, and Sabre Holdings. He also spent 10 years on Technology Association of Georgia Board of Directors founding the Smart Grid and Systems Engineering societies. Anthony is very active with other external groups such as IEEE, INCOSE, Argyle CIO Leadership Forum, and The Technology Association of North Texas where he shares inspirations, delivers keynote presentations, and networks with other technology businesses and professionals.

Anthony’s specialty is helping organizations, both big and small, deliver opportunity and customer value by leading, visualizing, creating, and building the right technology system with highest functionality, performance, quality, safety, and availability that is necessary for current and future demand to leapfrog the competition while also improving cost and other efficiencies.  For example, over a 12-year span of his career, Anthony helped General Electric rebuild their engineering team structure and transform the industrial Electric Grid into the Smart Grid through intelligent software, smart (IoT) devices, and insights; and also helped Sterling Talent Solutions rebuild its disparate technology organization and aging infrastructure, data centers, and software systems into cutting edge cloud based enterprise systems enabling triple revenue and margin growth eventually setting the foundation for the profitable sale of the company to Goldman Sachs.

When Anthony is not “creating and building” opportunities for businesses, he is probably hanging out with his wife traveling or being entertained by his incredible 1 year old granddaughter, watching Yankees baseball waiting for another World Series win, doing something with his 3 sons, or doing something else outdoors – target shooting, fishing, or boating.


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