Companies are embracing the cloud. And we don’t mean that they are taking the technology seriously or getting going on adoption. PricewaterhouseCoopers found that today’s businesses are using the cloud to drive agility and digital transformation. Very simply, organizations are making the cloud a critical part of their ability to achieve their core goals. If you want to create a connected enterprise, you increasingly need cloud services.

The problem is, businesses can’t seem to get their hands on the cloud technologies they want, even though they are willing to pay for them.

What Do Businesses Want From The Cloud?

There’s a lot of hype surrounding different cloud solutions, with various technologies and platforms regularly moving into and out of news cycles. But what are businesses actually looking for? Well, a recent 451 Research study exploring what different companies focus on in their cloud plans shed some light on priorities. The study found that:

  • Approximately 48.7 percent of businesses are willing to pay extra for security guarantees to go along with a cloud service
  • Just over 43 percent of companies would pay extra to higher levels of guaranteed uptime and performance
  • Almost 34 percent of those polled would spend more than normal for enhanced customer service and support

Managed services are also in demand, with 26.4 percent of respondents willing to pay extra for those enhancements, and only 24 percent of companies involved in the survey wouldn’t be interested in enhanced cloud services.

Perhaps even more interesting than the fact that companies are willing to spend extra for various cloud services is the amount they are up for spending. On average, businesses are willing to spend 30 percent more than normal on their cloud systems to get enhanced solutions.

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