Colocation Solutions

No matter where in the world you need it, our partners can securely house your IT infrastructure and equipment, provide the power to run it and the connection to operate it online.

A Better Way

With colocation partners worldwide, your organization can relax and know that your IT Infrastructure, Data, Apps and everything that is mission-critical is colocated in the location and environment that serve you and your clients in the most efficient and best way possible.

Colocation Solutions Options

IT, communications, apps and everything mission critical safely located to ensure productive business day in and day out.

Single Cabinets

SMB’s looking to leverage the benefits of an enterprise-class data center featuring A/B redundant power and a plethora of connectivity options.


Cages to accommodate 5 to 500+ cabinets outfitted with hot/cloud aisle containment, biometric or card security, and high-density power availability.

Private Suites

For those with tight security requirements, our partners provision dedicated rooms protected by solid walls and dedicated infrastructure.

Custom Solutions

For those not yet ready to relinquish control over the electrical and mechanical systems that support their data center, our partners build fully independent facilities.

"I recommend partnering with Tier4 as I see them consistently bringing value to their clients through Cost Savings, IT Optimization and Best Practices."

Senior Sales Engineer, LookingGlass Cyber Solutions

Is colocation right for your business?