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Data center procurement can be very complicated. It’s unfair to expect an IT manager to fully understand the nuances of public hyperscalers, virtual private cloud, dedicated private cloud, Infrastructure as a service and the like.  Furthermore, to understand the intricacies to achieve aggressive and fair pricing, what should and shouldn’t be in an MSA, and what SLA’s and costs should be for both monthly recurring costs and setup costs, is a monumental task. IT managers have enough to do during their 50-60hr. work-week, consumed with the critical responsibilities to “keep the lights on” and address  business requests. This is why Tier4 Advisors was founded. To help you succeed with these type of projects and do so effectively and efficiently. With over 400 projects successfully completed in this space, we’re the best partner in the world at what we do.  We will literally and figuratively sit on your side of the table throughout the entire project; beginning to end. Tier4 Advisors will not only get you the best price for your desired services, but also make sure your data center architecture, negotiations, and overall procurement is done right the first time.

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Let Tier4 advise you on the vendor selections available based on your needs for your Data Center Solutions.

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Jake Sherrill founded in 2013. Tier4 delivers cutting edge solutions to optimize procurement processes resulting in gold standard satisfaction and trusted client relationships. #ITProcurementRedefined

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