Do You Have An AI Strategy?

by Eric McVey, CIO – Tier4 Advisors

A recent Gartner whitepaper I read written by Whit Andrews entitled “Craft an Artificial Intelligence Strategy” made me ask myself the question. Do I have an AI Strategy? Do I need one? The article revealed a study that only 4% of CIOs have an AI deployment. Others are experimenting or have a short-term plan. So that made me feel a little better. But still, I asked myself, What is my AI strategy and why do I need one?

That said, just like any other “strategy” (virtualization, cloud, etc.), an AI strategy should be something that is SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time based), and should support the overall organizational business goals and produce positive outcomes. Again, like any other strategy, according to Mr. Andrews, you should look at AI as the “latest advanced analytical technology” that supports achievement of your business goals and outcomes.

The Gartner report focused on three major tasks to consider when building your AI strategy:

1.) Link AI to business priorities, content and technology trends

2.) Adhere to tactical planning methodologies including consideration of any existing or emerging application/operational/marketing/business strategies, where AI could integrate and solution

3.) Utilize the “fail fast” mentality when transitioning from planning, development to production, utilizing lessons learned from early failures to lead to successful deployment and utilization/realization

Some early adopters of AI have utilized what the article calls the “bimodal IT” approach. Mode 1 focuses on the predictable; i.e., working the well-understood areas of the business. Mode 2 is more explorative, given the rapidly evolving technology space and ever-changing needs of the business. Like any other strategy or project for that matter, the more effective you are in the planning stage, the more your expectations will be realistic, and the more your objectives will be achievable.

Whew! So….I don’t have an AI strategy and that’s okay! But when the time comes for AI to make sense in my organization, I need to treat AI just like any other “shiny new whistle” and make sure it’s going to help my business be more successful. Tier 4 Solutions Architects have years of experience running their own shops and developing Strategic IT Roadmaps. Let us help you develop your latest roadmap. Click the link below to schedule a call with us!

Tier4 Blog Edition 28: February 21, 2018