Current Openings

Regional President

For the following areas:

Detroit, MI
New Orleans, LA
Pittsburgh, PA
Denver, CO
St. Louis, MO
Minneapolis, MN
Boston, MA
Washington, DC
Portland, OR
Seattle, WA
Las Vegas, NV
Jacksonville, FL
San Diego, CA
Phoenix, AZ
Philadelphia, PA
Chicago, IL
Los Angeles, CA
New York, NY
Charlotte, NC

Job Description

Job Title
Regional President (Territory to be defined for each appointed president)

Reports to
Founder and Chairman for Tier4 Advisors, LLC – Corporate

Bachelor’s Degree – undergrad and grad degrees in a technology related field are desirable. Also, candidates with a bachelor’s degree and a depth of connections in a region with an extensive business development background will be considered.

Regional Presidents are compensated by the business and clients they bring to Tier4 Advisors and have no limitation on perpetual monthly recurring commissions. This is a franchisee type of offering. With the support and backoffice of Tier4 HQ, Regional Presidents will be given the opportunity to earn residual income for years to come.

Skills possessed by a technology-driven leader
Under the direction of the Founder and Chairman, the successful tech-driven candidate will possess proven skills in:

  • Information technology tools that support business operating processes to include but not be limited to: data center development; colocation; cloud; connectivity; security; UCaaS; and game-changing technologies
  • Access to a robust network of prospects and completing the sales cycle to include but not be limited to: relationship development; securing meaningful meetings; identifying company pain points and securing engagements; and ultimately closing the sale while becoming a trusted advisor
  • Strategic planning and operational delivery
  • Ability to building an organization that will ultimately have coverage across the region
  • Financial acumen
  • Employee development
  • Pipeline management
  • Ability to be self-motivated with an insatiable desire for success
  • Be equipped to maintain personal financial stability while building a long-term book of business

Additional skills and competencies desired will include but are not limited: information technology, data center management, IT operations, change management, asset lifecycle management, security, financial management, vendor management, direct & channel sales, CRM, project management, personnel management, strategic planning & execution. Various mission critical projects will be executed through this leadership. Having a basic understanding of procurement services, professional services, direct & channel sales, accounting, finance, human resource, legal, direct & channel sales, marketing, general operations, is a plus.

Skills possessed by a “connected” sales-driven leader
The connected-driven leader will have similar skills to the technology-driven leader but have less depth on the technology side, although still able to articulate the general offerings of Tier4 and also understand, at a high-level, the needs of clients and prospective clients. The sales-driven leader will have a significant number of established relationships with C-suite leaders in the designated region to the degree that will enable him/her to “open doors”, secure meetings, and conclude sales.


General Function:
Tier4’s Regional Presidents are expected to build a similar model of service and growth that has been established at Georgia’s corporate office. President’s, first and foremost, will be trusted advisors with a passion to support companies who are making IT procurement decisions. Presidents will be door openers, and/or surround themselves with team members that can open doors. As important, they will identify projects and win by helping clients find the best solution for their clients. Presidents will build their local teams to focus on client engagements and solutions architecture. They will understand the solutions offered through a broad array of partner vendors. They also may help to expand the current vendor partner portfolio, with approval and processing through the corporate office. Tier4’s corporate office will provide governance, financial and operational structure, support marketing event efforts in the regions and project/solution review before client presentation/execution. The regional teams will coordinate local marketing with the corporate office and jointly conduct events.

Regional Presidents are expected, over time, to develop their entire region. In addition to providing core services (e.g. discovery, analysis, RFP development, bidding, project oversight, and organic growth) they also will add “Tiger Teams” and Security services. New programs may be offered in the future initiated by Corporate or the local regions. Organic growth will be key, meaning that President’s will be always exploring, creating additional projects with existing clients.

Measures of success will include but not be limited to: the pace of lead generation; the pace of creating opportunities; revenue growth; NPS scores as a measure of satisfaction from all clients; organic growth; and brand building.

Strategies and Tactics

  1. Team building – In concert with Tier4’s Founder and Chairman, you will construct an effective team to secure clients and deliver trusted advisory services at a growing pace and throughout the designated region, over time.
  2. Fiscal performance – Grow the business consistently and exercise exemplary financial practices.
  3. Customer Satisfaction – Be a trusted advisor. Provide best-in-class services that generate exceptional NPS scores.
  4. Strategy – Using the guidelines created at the Corporate level, develop a strategic plan and operating guidelines with an expectation of meeting or exceeding 80% or more of the annual objectives.
  5. Relationship Building – Optimize your C-level relationships along with that of your team.
  6. Service Delivery – Ability to execute work from the SOW through to the conclusion of the project.
  7. Organic Growth – Successful secure multiple projects per client.
  8. Business Development – Be a leader in identifying and securing new business opportunities.
  9. Training – Assure that the entire regional team participates in Corporate trainings and supplements said trainings with additional personal development to have every employee be adept at the broadest array of IT procurement opportunities within Tier4’s catchment programs.
  10. Content – Play a lead role in driving content (e.g. white papers, blogs, webinars) for our website and newsletters. Also, look for external places to conduct public speaking, write news articles for various media outlets. Additionally, be the point person to help Tier4 have contemporary case studies so that we can share our business prowess to the marketplace.
  11. Management Tools – within Tier4’s fiscal constraints, provide leadership in regard to selecting the appropriate tools (e.g. phones, CRM, etc.) for Tier4 staff to be able to efficiently and effectively do their job.
  12. Marketing & Branding – Work with Tier4’s VP of Marketing to develop and execute a comprehensive marketing plan targeted both at branding and lead generation.
  13. Event Development – Work with Tier4’s COO and Operations Director to create and deliver successful events that secure sponsorship that produce targeted surpluses while bringing in a targeted number of CIO/CTOs and CEOs.
  14. Other Offerings – Demonstrate leadership in evolving and growing programs and initiatives.
  15. Perform other duties as assigned.