Recent articles have been filtering across the digital news feeds announcing significant players in the Atlanta data center market. Why Atlanta? According to an Atlanta Business Chronicle article, there are 13,000 technology companies in Atlanta. This positions Atlanta in the top ten of cities as fertile ground for data center expansion.

Many factors appeal to companies who have staked a claim in the Atlanta data center market. The following are compelling reasons why strategic data center companies are providing solutions to the increasing pool of Atlanta based technology companies.

Companies are realizing the high cost associated with building and operating on premise data centers. Thus, driving them to seek ways to scale down their data center footprint and optimize IT business expense. Some companies are selling their data center space and leasing back space from the buyer to house their enterprise data. Other companies are migrating to the cloud or choosing colocation solutions. Companies seeking to outsource their data storage have plenty of options as the data center market grows in Atlanta.

Data Centers

can be as large as shopping malls, are warehouses stacked floor-to-ceiling with computer servers and other hardware that power websites, crunch data and store information. They are critical to modern business, holding terabytes of sensitive information, and often housed in unmarked buildings.

Here is a list of companies who have established a data center footprint in Atlanta along with companies planning to join the playing field.

QTS Atlanta-Metro is recognized as one of the largest data centers in the world with 970,000 square feet total enclosed space. QTS recently acquired key property next to it’s massive Westside Atlanta campus. Digital Realty’s 56 Marietta Street location stands at capacity with plans to fill their new leased location on Williams Street by 2018. The lease is out of normal operation for Digital Realty Trust (DRT), who owns all of their data center properties, giving them an opportunity to expand their footprint by 18,000 square feet. Digital Realty’s acquisition of DuPont Fabros Technology positions DRT as one of the world’s top landlords for cloud giants. Peak10 acquired ViaWest establishing Peak10 as North America’s largest privately held data center company.

Ascent and Rackhouse have entered the Atlanta data center market through acquisitions. Ascent acquired Blackberry’s data center via sale leaseback. Rackhouse purchased Coca Cola’s data center with a strategy to lease out Rackhouse space before relocating IT and cloud services to another facility next year.

Switch and CyrusOne have build-out plans. Switch is planning a one million square foot PRIME Data Center near Atlanta in Douglas County campus titled, “The Keep”.

CyrusOne, a major player in the crowded Atlanta data center market, is considering Atlanta for a one million square foot data center campus, adding to the competitive data center field.

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Tier4 Blog Edition 2: August 23, 2017