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Professional Services Solutions

Have you ever walked into the doctor’s office and had them skip the exam and blood work and jump straight to a diagnosis? If so, you might want to find another doctor.

Similar to a doctor, we sometimes find that the best way to serve our clients is by prescribing one of our professional services.

Why Professional Services?

Uninformed and partially informed decisions typically result in substantially increased costs and over-runs.

Our professional services bring the benefit of a completely informed decision.

Tier4 Advisors | Professional Services Solutions

Professional Services Solutions Options

Knowing all the answers and having complete information leads to the most successful IT Procurement projects.

IT Spend Audit

Chances are, you’re not satisfied with the amount of IT spend you have each month. We can help you fully understand each dollar you’re spending and where there is savings.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Taking your company to the cloud? We can help you make sense of it by better understanding your goals, each application, use case, and budget.

Global Infrastructure Assessment

Whether you have a data center in Atlanta or 50 all over the world Tier4 can assess your entire infrastructure to help you better architect and plan for current and future needs.

Global Telephony Assessment

All organizations face telephony challenges. Tier4 can help you fully understand what is needed by your enterprise whether an on-prem PBX or UCaaS solution is best.


Tier4 has over 300 years of combined IT experience on our niche team. We understand enterprise architecture as good as any “Big 4 Firm” you can find but at a fraction of the cost. If you need an enterprise architect on demand and/or don’t have the budget for a full-time employee to fill this role, Tier4 is your answer.

Global Connectivity Assessment

Enterprises spend billions of dollars on connectivity each year. If you haven’t had a connectivity assessment in the last 2-3 years, you really need one.

Application Rationalization

Apps, Apps, Apps… Apps are everywhere! How do you know what you’re using, what you’re paying for, and whether they can be migrated to the cloud or not? You probably don’t. Tier4 can help with this painful and time draining process.

Wireless Cost Containment

Let Tier4 find you a better way with artificial intelligence and machine learning to best direct your cellular spend. This audit takes only a few hours of our clients and shows drastic savings.

"I recommend partnering with Tier4 as I see them consistently bringing value to their clients through Cost Savings, IT Optimization and Best Practices."

– Senior Sales Engineer, LookingGlass Cyber Solutions

Let us take the headaches