Hybrid Cloud Strategy Best Practices

QTS Resources, June 30, 2017


Hybrid cloud utilization is not a matter of “if we should do this?” It has become a matter of “how,” with enterprises working with cloud service providers to create a mix of solutions that best meets their unique needs and growth plan. According to the 2017 State of the Cloud Survey, the vast majority (85 percent) of enterprises are engaging in a multi-cloud strategy.

However, while hybrid cloud strategies enable enterprises to get the most out of their IT and scale in a cost-effective way, there are key considerations that should be incorporated into planning to ensure your IT structure is scalable and secure.

Avoid rogue environment utilization.

Rogue environments often offer less visibility, control and customization while presenting significant security and compliance concerns. IT decision makers will turn to these solutions when facing an immediate need to scale or when their budget doesn’t allow extensive capital outlay. But there are other options on the table. The key differentiator among cloud service providers is their ability to offer hybrid cloud solutions with centralized management and analytics.

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