Production Storage

Client Case:

A Healthcare Supply Manufacturer with $1.7B in revenues had a production storage unit undersized for capacity and throughput needs leading to continuous production outages and unpredictable downtime.


Tier4 Advisors performed a storage assessment confirming the CIO’s suspicions. Tier4 researched options for seamless upgrades and replacement of the existing storage platform. Tier4 reviewed multiple storage vendors to meet the client’s requirements including specific Security Compliance Certifications, equipment leasing options, scalability, high availability, and Hot/Hot Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) capabilities.


  1. Tier4 provided client with multiple vendors that addressed all issues; client selected the lowest cost provider
  2. The project enabled client 5 9’s Uptime, High Availability, Active Replication to DR site
  3. Tier4 worked with Vendor to “buy back” existing storage unit saving the client $750K in capital expense

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