Managed Services

Client Case:

Small company responsible for highly classified information including personal information, background check data, and banking information. The IT team leader didn’t have the skills or experience to initiate the procurement project.


Client requested a comprehensive vendor list to meet multiple client needs. Tier4 guided the client to a specific vendor who addressed all of their IT needs. The provider helped them rewrite their entire security strategy, re-architect their entire WAN and place a few domestic virtual private cloud nodes: one on the East, West, and Midwest allowing the client to receive High Availability (HA) across the entire infrastructure.


  1. The client converted from in-house IT to fully outsourced IT team; SLA with one client staff overseeing the Managed Service Provider (MSP) reducing IT cost down 30%
  2. The client saved 25% in Wide Area Network (WAN)
  3. Tier4 delivered the project in 5 weeks