by Chris Arrigali, CTO at Tier4 Advisors

So in my previous blogs, we discussed how companies are adopting and embracing the cloud for technology solutions from UCaaS to Office 365 at high rates. Where speed to market is faster than ever, scalability appears infinite and immediate, and usually, the most compelling factor, trading off CapEx for OpEx concerning cost and spend, which was the selling point to the CFO.

Months later after making the migration, organizations start receiving the invoices and bills, and then reality starts setting in. The cost structure based on usage starts becoming very expensive and cost prohibitive. Especially with services like Microsoft Azure, where you are essentially paying for usage not only by the hour for compute (CPU and Memory) but also storage consumption and allocation regardless of use.

The strategy then ends up being leveraging other complex scheduling technologies like VMWare vRA to schedule startup and shutdown of systems when they are not in use or provide the capability to spin them up on demand with a defined period set. That is all well and good if they are Dev, QA, and Stage environments, but what about Production, where they need to be up 24×7?

These are the sort of gotchas, companies find themselves into, and in hindsight should have been analyzed and thought through, however, when forced to move fast to the cloud to be competitive and stay ahead, this is where companies like Tier4 can help either in the pre-stages or even after the fact.

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Tier4 Blog Edition 39: May 9, 2018