Sam Sherrill – Senior Director Client Engagement

Sam started his career in pest control services in California where he built successful client relations teams.  He excelled so well that he was approached to help open and start other branches.  The business was eventually sold to Terminix which says a lot for the business that they had just built.  Sam gained quality knowledge and experience from this that led him into a career in IT.  He started at Digitel where he gained a half dozen certification on the telephony side of the business.  Sam brings a strong, confident attitude to Tier4 and is well versed with all things phones.  His has a keen eye to help identify the problem and put together a solution that not only will fix the problem but propel the business forward.  He can also be very loud in speech so don’t hesitate to help him understand to use his inside voice.

Tier4 Advisors

Jake Sherrill founded in 2013. Tier4 delivers cutting edge solutions to optimize procurement processes resulting in gold standard satisfaction and trusted client relationships. #ITProcurementRedefined

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