Telecom Solutions

Telecommunications Systems

In the midst of this digital age, communications by voice and telephone are still the heart of most businesses.

Our partners provide telecom solutions that bring amazing benefits and enable your staff to be highly productive whether they are in the office, working from home or on a trip over seas.


Rock solid quality, service and both software and hardware consistency are a must when it comes to solutions in the telecom space.

If you can’t communicate with your clients and employees, business grinds to a hault in a matter of seconds.

Let Tier4 help you determine the best telecom solution options for your organization.

Tier4 Advisors | Telecom Solutions to help your business communicate

Telecom Solutions Options

Making sure your clients are reaching the right people at the right time through your telecommunications systems. We can make it happen.

Auto Attendant

Automatically routing calls to the right employees saves time and money over the long haul.

Extension Dialing

Connecting clients to employees and connecting employees to their cohorts quickly and easily is a must.

Hunt Groups

Defining a group in sequence or simultaneously that receives calls from a specific client ensures great service.


Single Number ID

Your employees can make calls from their mobile devices and have the single business telephone number appear on caller ID.

"Tier4 helped me determine RFP requirements and helped with the process of the best potential vendors."

– Retired Director of IT

Is it time for a Telecom overhaul?