Telecom: does anyone like dealing with telecom?  When we ask that question, 99% of the time we hear a resounding NO. With almost 700 vendors in our proprietary database, Tier4 Advisors is the top subject matter expert in the world of telecom procurement. We do not employ any salespeople and we will not sell you anything. We, in fact, will sit on your side of the table and act as your “outsourced procurement expert”; thus becoming a literal extension of your team rather than a vendor trying to sell you something.

We’ve expedited hundreds of projects ranging from MPLS to SD WAN, bonded T1’s to 10G point-to-points between global data centers. Additionally, we can help with dark fiber, satellite connectivity, 2500+ site connectivity, cable, MiFi hotspots, hosted VoIP, and UCaaS needs encompassing webinar through web conferencing tools. If you’re sick and tired of procuring telecom solutions on your own because you simply DO NOT have the time nor the desire to write a 10-100 page RFP and manage the “sales back and forth” with 5-10 vendors, we’ve got great news. Tier4 Advisors is here to help.  We can shorten the completion of these type of projects from months of work for you, to a matter of a few weeks of work for us. Give us a call and see how our vendor agnostic service can help you.

Put Us To Work For You

Let Tier4 advise you on the vendor selections available based on your needs for your Telecom Solutions.

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Jake Sherrill founded in 2013. Tier4 delivers cutting edge solutions to optimize procurement processes resulting in gold standard satisfaction and trusted client relationships. #ITProcurementRedefined

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