by Eric McVey, CIO – Tier4 Advisors

I recently attended a Gartner Webinar on their IT Spending Forecast for 2018. It was mind boggling to me to learn that the total Global spend for IT for 2017 is projected to top $3.5 Trillion, between Data Center Systems, Software, Devices, IT Services and Communication Services. They are predicting total spend to top $3.7 Trillion in 2018.

Gartner compiled a list of 181 different markets for analysis of 2018 IT expenditures. To determine the Top Markets of 2018, they focused on 5 critical questions. They asked: 1) What market could expect the largest growth in 2019, 2) What was the 5-year compound annual growth rate in the space (CAGR), 3) What area could potentially have the largest market size by 2021, 4) What market had the highest profit margin, and 5) What market had the largest total profit.

Given the Gartner analysis, the following markets were predicted to be top IT Markets in 2018:

#10 – Workforce Analytic Applications
#9 – IMDG – In Memory Data Grid Analytics
#8 – Workstream Collaboration
#7 – cPaaS – Communications Platform as a Service
#6 – Transaction VOD Rentals/Subscriptions – Video on Demand
#5 – Virtual Personal Assistant-Enabled Wireless Speaker
#4 – iPaaS – Integration Platform as a Service
#3 – EDR – Endpoint Detection and Response
#2 – Smart Data Discovery and Analytics
#1 – IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service

Every week, Tier4 is seeing and talking to many companies that are embracing the movement to IaaS, both in the private and public sector; singularly, as well as combined, private and public (hybrid). If your business is asking you to do more with less, perhaps IaaS is a direction you should consider. Contact us and a member of our Tier4 Solutions Architecture team will set up a discussion meeting.

Tier4 Blog Edition 11: October 25, 2017