by Reina Lingle, CMO Tier4 Advisors

Bringing my knowledge and skills as a digital marketer has permitted me the privilege to aid in evaluation and selection of SaaS solutions implemented here at Tier4 Advisors. One I haven’t been a part of in the decision process but use every day is our UCaaS solution. Before I share my experience, let me define UCaaS for our readers. Unified Communications as a Service is seamless, secure, and cost-effective communications across multiple channels (voice, text, video, conferencing, etc.) and on the device of choice anywhere the user needs to connect with the team. Full disclosure, I am writing this as a UCaaS user explaining how I am more productive in my role with these tools at my fingertips.

I use the collaborative communication tool every day which allows team messaging and collaboration in one digital workspace. It replaces freemium SaaS applications for collaboration, conferencing, and project management in one application. You can invite contacts outside of the organization to collaborate on projects. You can communicate with internal and external contacts one to one, in a team, or in a group. There are many integrations available to expand capabilities to connect data points. Some of the integrations include CRM’s, marketing automation platforms, project management tools, file sharing, and storage.

There are several advantages to the UCaaS solution we use at Tier4. Communications with remote team members are faster and more effective than ever before. Communicating with this tool eliminates email clutter. There is a mobile app that enables team members to respond while off-site using their phone. Sharing marketing assets to the team is centralized in a team or group specified for the project. Feedback from the team on marketing assets is instantaneous.

The biggest benefit is the real-time communication and response received from team members to stay connected even when they reside in Nashville. I am often asked to demo the tool to our remote team to help them on specific tasks. Quickly learning how to use the screen share has had a huge benefit in supporting Tier4 team members. Whether I’m helping them out on LinkedIn questions or helping them set up a conference call invitation.

Another benefit with our UCaaS solution is the ability to have our business line ring on our personal cell phone. There is no need to have multiple cell phones per user on site. You can identify when a call is for business or personal by viewing your phone screen.

If you are using more than one SaaS solution tool for communications, conferencing, and collaboration with your team, please consider speaking with a Tier4 team member to find out how UCaaS solutions can improve the workflow for your organization.

Tier4 Blog Edition 8: October 3, 2017